Transcribing the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Interviews for Blue Water Classics

An email from Angie Boyes, who transcribed many of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race interviews in Blue Water Classics for me during it’s 4 years of production. Angie had only ever heard the stories, never seeing the images or finished design until she walked into Petrarchs Bookshop in Launceston, so I was really pleased to read her response :)
‘Hi Andrew,
It’s been a long time since the last email!! I just want to say I’ve just seen a copy of your Blue Water Classics at Petrarchs bookstore in Launceston – what a MAGNIFICENT work of art!! And what a legacy to your passion and dedication to the production from start to finish… And those photographs! Absolutely stunning…
You’ve certainly captured the passion and the love all those people have, for “The Hobart”!!
Looking through it, I felt honoured to have been given the opportunity to be even the smallest part in getting those stories from all those audio files, down into print form!!
I learned so much during that project – from predicting weather conditions through to the workings of the yachts! – but most of all, the passion that came from everyone that you interviewed, as well as the friendship and the camaraderie amongst all of them. Also, the bond and closeness they share having endured so many treacherous journeys over the years. What an insight!!
So, Congratulations!!!! And thank you once again for having given me the opportunity to have been part of the experience – I enjoyed every bit of it. It was a very special project.

About Blue Water Classics

Containing 520 pages ‘of intimate portraits and extensive interviews of some of the absolute legends of the Sydney Hobart yacht race’ Blue Water Classics is Tasmanian photographer and author Andrew Wilson’s latest offering, following on from the release of his much loved two book series Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania.

Documented over four years in collaboration with journalist and Race Media Director Di Pearson, Blue Water Classics has been touted by early reviewers as ‘’a rare book on the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race’ (David Kellett), ‘the next best thing to sailing to Hobart!’ (Philippe Kahn), ‘an extraordinary book’ (Geoff Stagg) and ‘a collectors item.’ (Roger McMillan)

What people are saying:

‘This is a rare book on the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, full of stories about the sailors: the women and men who participate and challenge the elements of nature every year between Boxing Day and New Year. The underlying thread in all the stories has been the challenge, the skill, the seamanship and, most importantly, the comradeship – as well as, in some cases, the incredible story of survival.’ – David Kellett, AM

Andrews book makes us dream. A wonderful, pictorial coffee table book – on the greatest offshore race in the world. Its the next best thing to sailing to Hobart! – Philippe Kahn, Pegasus Racing

‘An extraordinary book. Amazing photos supported by great story telling. The Sydney Hobart is tougher than the Round The World Race and without a doubt the most challenging Offshore Race on the planet. A huge thanks to Andrew and Di for undertaking this monumental task with such a fantastic result.’ – Geoff Stagg, Stagg Racing

Andrew Wilsons wonderful book, ably assisted by Di Pearson, celebrates the real reason why this race is so well known. Sure, the boats are beautiful, but at the heart of the race are those who sail in it. They make the race, its culture and its history. This book is a celebration of a globally iconic event, but most importantly of the men and women who don their wet weather gear and head out on pretty fragile vessels, into a very big ocean. – Paul Clitheroe AM, Winner of the Tattersall Cup, Financial Advisor and Television Presenter.


This is the type of book that you can spend lazy days reading in the sun up on deck, or down below in the warmth of your cabin – dreaming of your own next adventure on the high seas.

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