Blue Water Classics

Portraits of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Blue Water Classics is a forthcoming 520 page illustrated hardback publication by photographer and storyteller Andrew Wilson – in collaboration with Di Pearson – Journalist, and Media Director for the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Sign up to our mailing list below, to be alerted to our special pre-publication offers, including an exclusive signed, numbered and dated limited edition release. *Due for release in early November 2020.


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“This is a rare book on the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, full of stories about the sailors; women and men who participate and challenge the elements of nature every year between Boxing Day and New Year, not about the yachts and the results. The underlying thread in all the stories has been, the challenge, the skill, the seamanship and most importantly, the comradeship as well as in some cases like my close friend Bruce Gould, the incredible story of survival.

Andrew has covered all aspects of the race from the preparation to the finish and everything in between, including the personalities involved in the control of the race, the safe haven of Eden and the officers of the vital search and rescue organisations. A great insight as to what goes on behind the scenes each year. With Andrew’s photographs and interviews combined with Di’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the Race this book will become a must to have in your sailing library.”

– David Kellett AM